Most of these pictures can you find somewhere between the texts. On this page,
however,are some more of them.

All stages of Stonehenge
  Stage 1
   Stage 2
  Stage 3a    Stage 3b
  Stage 3c
Stonehenge in earlier times
  Stonehenge must have been something like this   Color painting of how stonehenge must have been

Stonehenge now
  aerial photograph of Stonehenge   overview of Stonehenge


  another sideview


  Stonehenge again


  Sunset over Stonehenge


  another sunset


  just a nice shot


Other familiar places
   Woodhenge as it must have been
  Newgrange, Ireland
   Newgrange inside
  Carnac, France
   Enormous megalith, weighing about 371 tons
  Map showing the location of the cursus, a phenomenon near Stonehenge
   Map showing the location of the so-called Barrows, tombs near Stonehenge
  Drawing of Silbury Hill
   Silbury Hill