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January 14 2005 fixed some dead links, and resized the pictures, so they will load a bit faster now.
September 10 2004 After a damn long downtime, a namechange ( to, this will probably be the final destination of the site. So, back on line, and hopefully this time permanent. 
September 16 2000 some English texts uploaded, others updated 
September 15 2000 completed uploading new layout for text part 
August 11 2000 Added the credids and links page 
August 1 2000 After a holiday started building again. 
July 2 2000 More parts of dutch text up and working. 
June 23 2000 First parts of text up and working 
June 16 2000 Pictures Section ready 
June 15 2000 First pictures uploaded
June 14 2000 started building site